Revolutionize your daily life with Eudonet CRM

  • Bring your teams together for effective collaboration
  • Communicate and interact intelligently with your customers
  • Streamline your business processes and maximize your success
  • Use an all-in-one solution that suits you
Revolutionize your daily life

All eudonet in 1 minute 30

To each his unique and tailor-made solution


Professional Affiliations

A unique solution to federate, defend and represent

Everything you need for unparalleled management of your ASBL's members!


shared database for easy collaboration


to personalize an emailing and create privileged connections


to renew subscriptions, welcome and retain your members

NGOs, Associations and Foundations

A solution that stimulates generosity

Everything to engage more volunteers, donors and patrons!

5 000

daily users accomplished through enhanced collaboration


marketing automation criteria to forge unique links with each contact

+ 64%

of the median donation collected online* to better defend your cause

*Compared to traditional means of payment - Source: France Générosité


An all-in-one solution that propels your business

Easily manage all your business processes for more efficiency!


productivity gains* thanks to better collaboration

+ 29%

performance** to boost your results

+ 15%

loyal customers by being effectively connected with them

*according to the Stratenet agency - **according to eudonet clients

Happy users!

Finally focus on your core mission

Finally devote yourself to your heart of mission

Finally an all-in-one tool that offers the freedom to work your way !

A shared base and processes: nothing like this for promote collaboration within your teams, improve your efficiency and make your organization much more efficient.

Grow a single connection with every touch

Eudonet offers your contacts an exceptional experience.

Tailor-made messages, automation, surveys, dedicated space: easily create a community of ambassadors and interact with them in compliance with the GDPR.

Tune in without further delay a special relationship with everyone!

The solution to establish a unique connection with each contact

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A team of 250 enthusiasts, experts in your business

Solutions designed with you and for you

Solutions designed with you and for you

You are our inspiration to design and improve even more your favorite features.

Publisher + Integrator: only advantages

Publisher + Integrator:
only advantages

Between you and us, there is no intermediary. This is the guarantee of a successful CRM project with complete peace of mind.

A team driven by strong human values

A team driven by strong human values

Collaboration, Agility, Performance, Humility: the ingredients of a team ready to help you day after day.

Let's talk about serious things, let's meet up !

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