Unite the members of your professional organisation with efficiency

The solution that helps you defend and represent the interests of your industry

Améliorer la relation membres associations professionnelles
Renforcez votre représentativité
Offrez le savoir à vos membres

Represent your members in an exceptional way

Make the affiliate and renewal process smoother! Automate the various steps with simple, customisable forms and online payment. Request a demo

Facilitate communication through a dedicated platform: consult calls for membership fees and renewals, register for your workshops, your general meetings, etc. Request a demo

Become the ultimate reference for your sector! Management of your members' requests, follow-up of mandates with commissions and bodies, measurement of your actions thanks to reports and dashboards, etc... Request a demo

Make member satisfaction a priority! Thanks to Eudonet's advanced surveys, ask your members about your services to complete and improve them. Request a demo

Because the world is changing fast, your companies must too. With Eudonet, you can easily manage your training offer for your members: registration, online payment, follow-up and participation certificates. Request a demo

Easily connect to your members

Put the member relationship at the heart of your concerns! With Eudonet, you can keep track of interactions and obtain a 360° view of the relationship with each of your members. Request a demo

Mark your words! Eudonet's creative studio allows you to easily design your emailings and, thanks to the tracking of your links, to draw analysis data to optimise future messages. Request a demo

Deploy an omnichannel marketing strategy to easily reach your audiences. With marketing automation, you'll always be one step ahead. Request a demo
Envoyez messages impactants
Marketing pilier influence

Make collaboration
more efficient

Centralising your data and processes in a single, shared solution gives your teams all the tools they need to collaborate better.

Create privileged connections

Relying on multi-channel and marketing automation ensures that you reach the right people at the right time.

Get more members

Tracking opportunities and exchanges will ensure that you recruit more members and retain them more easily.

Fédérez et fidélisez vos membres
Pilotez eff

Break growth records!

Easily deploy your membership recruitment campaigns and track every opportunity. Call or email them at the right time to optimise the number of memberships. Request a demo

Reduce member attrition. Follow the consumption of services and carry out surveys to adapt your offer more closely to their needs. Request a demo

Easily analyse your results with your dashboards. Export your reports in different formats and effectively manage your organisation thanks to your metrics (KPI). Request a demo

The flexible solution made just for you

Create the solution that suits you! With the administration console, you customise your Eudonet by drag and drop and see the result in real time (WYSIWYG). Request a demo

Place Eudonet at the heart of your information system and integrate your favourite tools thanks to the APIs. Make Eudonet evolve at your own pace thanks to its partner applications. Request a demo

Protect your data with remote authentication and single sign on. Eudonet hosts your data on the Sovereign Cloud in full compliance with the GDPR. Request a demo
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Simplify your work by consolidating all your contacts

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Animate your network and create a unique relationship with your members

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Boost your marketing activities and integrate all your business processes

100€ per month/user*


Choose a tailor-made and connected solution, designed for NPOs

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*User subscriptions are invoiced annually, with a minimum of €350 excl. per month

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Dare to ask :  all there is to know on CRM for Professional Associations

An integrated solution dedicated to managing the activities of professional organizations, a Professional Association CRM offers the following benefits:

  • Easy management of your contacts (members, companies, experts, etc.)
  • Simple management of your affiliations (registration, annual data, contributions, etc.)
  • Centralization of your business processes: representativeness, training, marketing automation, etc.
  • A 360° view to manage your entire activity and achieve your objectives more quickly
  • Connectivity and mobility to remain productive in all circumstances and wherever you are.

The CRM for Professional Associations is a complete management solution with many benefits:

  • Save time and increase efficiency in managing member relations and training
  • Centralize your data and collaborate easily among staff
  • Manage your activity with integrated dashboards
  • Offer new services to your members
  • Strengthen your representativeness

In order to best serve the interests of their members and their industry, Associations, Federations, Unions, Professional Orders, and Employer Organizations must be able to rely on a reliable integrated solution dedicated to their activity. The right CRM solution should:

  • Offer features dedicated to the activity of your Professional Association
  • Facilitate the organization and collaboration of your employees for better performance
  • Be flexible to simply and effectively meet your initial needs
  • Be scalable to meet your needs at the pace of your development
  • Be ergonomic and intuitive for quick adoption

Among the many features of a CRM for Professional Associations:

  • Member management
  • Follow-up on solicitations
  • Management of representations in committees and instances
  • Multichannel communication
  • Organization of events and training sessions
  • Customized member extranet

To integrate an integral CRM tool into your federative structure, you must go through the following steps:

  • Define the major issues and needs of your organization
  • Identify key project stakeholders
  • Analyze your Information System and prepare for data recovery
  • Write a specifications document containing all this information.

Migrating to a new CRM solution for your Professional Association becomes necessary when your current solution requires, among other things:

  • A technological upgrade
  • Better adaptation to the evolution of your sector
  • More flexibility
  • More security

Thanks to its specially designed module, Eudonet supports you during the key steps of your CRM migration:

  • Mapping, integration rules, execution order of imports
  • Imports, testing, and validation
  • Training your users on the new tool.

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