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Connect to your contacts

Follow each of your contacts, from the first exchange to the signature and throughout your customer or partner relationship. Centralise all your discussions to better understand your targets and anticipate their needs. Request a demo

Create multi-channel communication campaigns to reach your targets more easily and deliver the right message at the right time with Marketing Automation. Request a demo

Make sure your customers are satisfied. Thanks to online surveys, an extranet or a chatbot, strengthen your close relationship and effectively measure the quality of your products and services. Request a demo

Boost your results

Eudonet offers you a 360° view of your business. Real-time dashboards and activity reports allow you to make strategic and rapid decisions for a better performance of your teams. Request a demo

Optimise your sales processes to make every opportunity a success. Track and manage each deal effectively to quickly reach your goals and grow your business. Request a demo

Aim for excellence in customer service. Easily handle requests and streamline your internal processes to ensure long-term customer satisfaction. Request a demo
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Provide your teams with a centralised, collaborative platform that perfectly meets their needs.


Build a unique relationship with each prospect and customer, and follow them through your business processes.


Improve conversion, accelerate the transformation of your prospects into customers and easily retain them.

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Collaborate like never before

By centralising your data in a single tool, you break down silos for better collaboration within your company. Request a demo

Throw away your old Excel spreadsheets! With Eudonet, you centralise all the data in your organisation and ensure that everyone has up-to-date information. Request a demo

A unique working experience! Optimise and share processes to enable your teams to excel in their missions and create synergies. Request a demo

The solution that suits you

Thanks to the administration console, manage the rights and profiles of each user. Create and customise your views and see the result in real time thanks to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. Request a demo

Thanks to our APIs and partner extensions, you can connect your favourite business applications to Eudonet. Make your Eudonet evolve according to your needs. Request a demo

Hosted on the Sovereign Cloud and GDPR-compliant, Eudonet CRM protects your data. In addition, remote authentication provides an extra layer of security. Request a demo
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Your contacts at the heart of your strategy

40€ per month/user*


Everything for an optimal customer relationship

70€ per month/user*

The most popular


Effectively convert your prospects into customers and build loyalty

100€ per month/user*


Your whole company connected to CRM

130€ per month/user*

* User subscriptions are invoiced annually, with a minimum of €350 excl. per month.

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Everything you wanted to know about CRM without daring to ask

Dedicated to the daily management of your organization's activities, a CRM is an integral solution that provides you with:

  • Centralized management of your contacts
  • Customer service management
  • Sales management
  • Tracking of your ongoing opportunities and deals
  • Performance tracking
  • Connectivity and mobility to maintain your activities, even in the field.

CRM is an integral solution dedicated to small, medium, and large enterprises, with many benefits, including:

  • Increasing your sales
  • Focusing on excellent customer satisfaction
  • Adapting your communication to generate demand
  • Managing your activities from wherever you want
  • Optimizing collaboration within your organization.

Relying on an integral CRM solution ensures that your teams can accomplish all their missions more efficiently. In this context, the CRM should provide you with:

  • Features dedicated to your activity
  • Better performance through facilitated collaboration
  • Flexibility to start with an achievable initial scope
  • Scalability to grow the solution as your business expands
  • Intuitive ergonomics for easy handling.

Among the many features of a CRM are:

  • Sales Management : Enhance your product and service catalog to optimize your sales.
  • Opportunity tracking: Develop your sales pipeline with your various targets.
  • Customer tracking and customer service: Rely on efficient and real-time customer satisfaction.
  • Dashboards and analysis: Improve your performance with the analysis of your activities (dashboard, graphs, and exportable reports).

And so many more!

Integrating a CRM tool into your processes requires:

  • Clearly presenting your project and your needs
  • Specifying your objectives and especially the expected results
  • Writing a detailed specifications document
  • Identifying key stakeholders: administrators, users, targeted services
  • Selecting the important data that will be included in your CRM project
  • Anticipating the necessary resources and their role in the implementation of the CRM.


The migration of your CRM tool occurs when your current solution requires, among other things:

  • A technological update
  • A better consideration of the evolution of your sector
  • More flexibility
  • More security

Thanks to its specially designed module, Eudonet accompanies you during the key steps of your CRM migration.

  • Mapping, integration rules, order of import execution
  • Imports, testing and acceptance
  • Training of your users on the new tool

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