Organise your professional events with ease

Organise your professional events with ease



Whether you run physical, virtual or hybrid events, your association’s members expect an engaging event experience. However, professional associations often face the challenge of arranging events with limited resources and understaffed teams.

To simplify the task, an all-in-one events and community solution is a great option to consider.

Join us in this informative webinar as we present a Guided Tour of NetAnswer’s Community Platform. See how to become a top event planner in a few easy steps:

  • Design your event site
  • Create attractive offers and revenue opportunities
  • Handle invitations and event sign-ups
  • Manage events logistics on the day
  • Keep your audience engaged after the event

webinar animated by

  • Denis Bourmault

    Denis Bourmault Expert CRM

  • Agneta Ronceret

    Agneta Ronceret Experte CRM

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