Optimise your AISBL management with a CRM software

By Denis Bourmault

International Professional Associations or Trade Associations (AISBLs) play an important role in international cooperation and community engagement. They need to maintain strong relationships with their members, staff, partners and many other key stakeholders. This is why a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software becomes essential. For an AISBL, using a CRM solution for Professional Associations, Orders and Federations offers many benefits. 

Your AISBLs data in a single place 

A CRM solution allows you to consolidate all essential information about your AISBL’s contacts. Including contact details, membership fee history, communication preferences and much more. One of the main benefits of centralising data through CRM software is quick and easy access to all information. 

Instead of getting lost searching for information in multiple systems or files (Excel, Word, etc.), users can access a 360-degree view of each contact in a matter of seconds. Again, whether responding to member requests, tracking interaction history or identifying partners, a CRM made for AISBLs allows to find useful information and insights easily. 

Communication adapted to each situation 

AISBLs need to interact easily with its staff, members and partners. Tailoring these interactions is essential to strengthen bonds, maximise engagement and foster loyalty. By using data stored in the CRM, AISBLs can send targeted communications, customised thank you messages and highlight actions of professional organisations, federations or associations. 

A CRM solution makes it possible to adapt communications based on interaction history. Create customised emails (including the recipient’s name and relevant content), targeted content (adapted newsletters), and unique thank you messages (recognising a person’s specific contribution after a particular action or event).  

Manage your teams with a CRM adapted to AISBLs 

An AISBL relies on the work of its staff every day. CRM software makes it possible to efficiently allocate tasks and individual schedules. Professional organisation management software allows to manage each person’s schedule easily. 

With full visibility of each user’s schedule, scheduling conflicts are avoided, ensuring efficient use of resources and a positive experience for a better collaboration. 



Automate your actions with customised features 

CRM software for Professional Association includes features facilitating overall association management. Here are some of them: contact management, membership fee management, event management, as well as dashboards and reporting.  

CRM solutions for AISBLs can automate many actions to save time, develop the relationship with members and partners, or ensure better data management. In organisations such as AISBLs, marketing automation is useful for both targeted communication and events throughout the year. 

A CRM is a powerful tool for AISBLs, helping them to consolidate their operations, strengthen their relationships with their various stakeholders, and maximise their positive impact on the international stage. And we haven’t told you everything yet… 

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